If I had to describe my line I would say, it is a collection with its roots in fine art, great poetry, great music and high fashion with couture craftsmanship. Made for people wanting something that reflects thier own unique style, pieces for the modern bride who has her own outlook and style that wants to take it into her wedding day.  As a designer, quality, design and craftsmanship are a huge factoring  process that I am passionate about. Ethical and sustainable practice and use of couture skills are at the forefront. I ultimately want to create a heirloom to be passed down for generations. My work is varied by it’s unique blending of technique, texture and fine materials while combining old techniques with a modern aesthetic and  thinking.
I am creating an ongoing collection of couture accessories for the woman who wants a timeless look, a classic reflection of herself.
She is  Modern, Free Spirited, One of a Kind.
There are no limits or expectations of who she is, just an extension of her true self.
An Ethereal and Spirited approach.
Inspired by kindred souls, bohemian lifestyles and the raw beauty of nature.
Inspired by lovers, made for lovers ....